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Publix disc brake Accessory LX0635 DELPHI Kit pads

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Nearly 7,000 associates in Distribution ensure that all our local Publix stores have plenty of product to sell.

Distribution employs nearly 7,000 associates. Most of them work in our 9 million square feet of warehouse space to receive, store, and ship nearly 830 million cases of over 42,000 items each year. Our fleet of 515 tractors and nearly 2,800 trailers traveled more than 60 million miles in 2014 (that’s 6.6 times around the earth per day) to make more than 1.2 million deliveries in over 398 cities.

Receiving, Storing, and Shipping

disc pads Kit DELPHI LX0635 brake Accessory The majority of jobs that make up Publix distribution are related to tasks performed in the warehouses. The kinds of duties these positions cover include everything from shipping and receiving and loading trucks to maintaining a clean warehouse and keeping product, stocked, counted, and in order.

Warehouse positions include:

Keeping the Trucks Rolling

Tractor-trailers need ongoing preventive maintenance and occasional repair. Publix's mechanics specialize in this type of maintenance to keep Distribution shipping operations running smoothly.

Here is one maintenance position in Distribution:

Getting Groceries to the Stores

Publix's truck driver role can be obtained only by being promoted from within Publix distribution. Click the profile below to learn more about the job and where you need to begin to eventually apply for this position.

A Tasty Benefit for Support Associates

Publix offers free hot lunches, served buffet style, for corporate, manufacturing, and distribution associates who work at facilities with a cafeteria. Here are three positions in the cafeteria:

Our Locations

The massive effort of keeping stores stocked is coordinated from the 28 warehouses in our nine distribution centers:

  • brake DELPHI Kit pads disc LX0635 Accessory Boynton Beach, Florida
  • Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Lakeland, Florida
  • Dacula, Georgia
  • brake DELPHI Accessory pads Kit LX0635 disc Miami, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • disc Kit pads LX0635 Accessory brake DELPHI McCalla, Alabama

Our Warehouses

Check out the variety of Publix's warehouses within the nine distribution centers:

  • Eight high velocity warehouses, in Boynton Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Lakeland, Miami, and Sarasota, Florida; Dacula, Georgia; and in McCalla, Alabama.
  • One chart warehouse, in Lakeland, Florida.
  • One pharmacy warehouse, in Orlando, Florida.
  • Two low-velocity warehouses, in Lakeland, Florida and Dacula, Georgia.
  • Five dairy/boxed meat warehouses, in Dacula, Georgia; Deerfield Beach, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Orlando, Florida.
  • Five produce warehouses, in Dacula, Georgia; Deerfield Beach, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Orlando, Florida.
  • Five frozen food warehouses, in Dacula, Georgia; Deerfield Beach, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Orlando, Florida.

Part-­Time College Recruiting Program

Publix Distribution occasionally offers flexible part-­time warehouse openings. These jobs boast convenient work schedules and excellent pay. Find out how you could have cash through college, or even get some courses paid for!

Sign Up

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